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About SimulSays

SimulSays is the world’s first visual voicemail mobile handset application. SimulSays is a product developed by PhoneTag, the world’s leader in voicemail-to-text services.


In early 2003, William Wachtel met with his son, Jesse, and family friend, James Siminoff, for dinner while on a business trip to Los Angeles. Before they could begin dinner, William had to sort through a 20 minute backlog of voicemails gathered during a day that was filled with meetings. Jesse commented to James, "Wouldn't it be easier if you could just read your voicemail?" and with that, PhoneTag was born. At the time, James was developing voice recognition software and had a creative idea on how to transcribe messages. PhoneTag began beta of the product in December 2003.


Customer, Customer, Customer… PhoneTag has one mission and that is to sell our revolutionary product matched with premier support and customer service. We are only in business to service our customers and supercharge their communications experience.


James Siminoff
Cell: 917-412-4747